Island Korčula

There are many things to see and places to discover in this island.
The main towns on either end of the island have their special charm:
- Korcula, a city built of stone gem that houses the home of Marco Polo, whose ancient buildings and monuments testify to his ancestral wealth
- Vela Luka away, nestled in a large quiet bay and surrounded by hills covered with pine forests and olive groves.
The interior villages to the hidden beauty are surrounded by wild nature, or as Blato, Smokvica and many places there remember their traditions alive.
Everywhere you can admire the picturesque agricultural landscape of vineyards, olive groves and fertile valleys.
The rugged coastline of the island with beaches of all types, from the main beach in Lumbarda family sand to small secluded coves and difficult to access where you can enjoy one of the transparent sea.
Wherever you are, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this Mediterranean island all authentic diversity.