Plitvice Lakes National Park

Whatever chosen for the visit tour you will be amazed by the rich and unique nature of Plitvice National Park.
Its 16 lakes at different levels that flow into each other creating a multitude of magnificent waterfalls of various shapes and heights.
The walk takes place on trails and small log bridges over water. It's a real pleasure for the eyes, a palette of all ranges of blue and green depending on the season and weather. The nearby fish swim in the crystal clear water which reflects the surrounding vegetation.
The colorful autumn landscapes or covered with a white coat in winter with frozen ice cascades are also sumptuous.
A small train that leads to the upper lakes and an electric boat crossing the big lake facilitate travel and are very popular among tourists.
Nature is respected even in the park buildings, reception and dining options that are built with local natural materials such as wood and stone.
The breathtaking panoramas, like the one on the big waterfall for unforgettable.