Zrmanja - Velebit Paklenica

For an immersion in nature in the wild.

Zrmanja River adjoins the southern slopes of Velebit and empties into the Sea of ​​Novigrad. It is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. It winds through beautiful gorges between steep and rocky slopes or softer and covered with vegetation; Spring rocks are all in bloom!

Zrmanja is known for its many rapids waterfalls that form natural pools. It offers a true festival of colors: all shades of blue green, transparency of the river, the white froth waterfalls. The shores are home to various species of birds and the river is inhabited by wild fish.

The descent of the Zrmanja is within reach; for 14 km you will discover its beauties, can swim at stops refreshing and feel some adrenaline going fast! It is done by canoe or kayak in the summer when the water level is lower; rafting is possible in the spring and fall. Several companies organize this activity.

Park Paklenica, part of the Velebit mountain, offers unique nature , wild and protected environment, with flora and rich and varied landscapes, majestic wildlife.

Two impressive gorges crisscross the slopes of Velebit, there are also caves and crystal clear springs that produce water of drinking mountain.

It is a paradise for hikers and mountaineers. Many marked hiking trails are accessible by level of each. The easiest through a wild gorge Velika Paklenica; the trail passes at the foot of arid rocks and climbs gently through meadows. More experienced hikers will tackle the rocky slopes and will be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic view they will find at the top. Shepherds' huts inhabited can provide shelter for a break and there are also shelters to spend the night.

The park is one of the best known in Europe mountaineering sites: the rock Anica Kuk, 400 meters high, ranked among the most difficult.