Krka National Park

The Krka National Park is an oasis of greenery and freshness in the middle of a desert landscape, amazing contrast of colors and the environment.
Krka, blue river with green banks of exceptional beauty, down to the bottom of a deep canyon; on its way it creates waterfalls and cascades and the last part of his journey fed lakes.
The park is recognized as a rich ecosystem of the variety of flora and fauna endemic to her. Its pristine environment makes a rare bird territory.
All along the river there are many natural monuments and also remarkable sights like the Franciscan monastery located on a small island in the middle of a lake and having to visit an art gallery and church; Other attractions are the Orthodox monastery, the remains of ancient fortified dwellings, old water mills transformed into a museum, numerous traces of human activity from the traditional rural world.
The beauty of the park is also due to seven majestic waterfalls, the main two are spectacular in their height and lush vegetation that surrounds them.
The visit to the park is on the walking trails built through in some places on small stone bridges over the crystal clear waters rich in fish.
It is even possible to swim at the foot of the great waterfall, a popular visitor experience, young and old, who like to be cool in summer.
Visiting the park, it is both a wonderful walk in the unspoiled nature and a leap into the past.