Photos of Croatia

Croatia is a small country in size but of great diversity on all fronts: geography and climate, history and culture, heritage and traditions.

The natural heritage of Croatia is an exceptional concentration of all landscapes that can be found in Europe: the vast plains, fields and forests of central Croatia, the mountain ranges, lakes and rivers, the coast and the islands Dalmatia, heart of the Adriatic, agricultural landscapes of inner Istria or region Konavle near Dubrovnik ...
Croatia is 8 national parks, 11 natural parks, many protected areas, across a nature preserve.

Croatia has impressive historic treasures throughout the country:
-  Mmusées, churches, art collections, Points of Interest
-  Sumptuous cities in the millennial history of the coast and the islands but also the fortified citadels and magical castles of the interior in the Zagorje region in particular.
In such Roman monuments in Pula, Diocletian's Palace in Split, the pre-Romanesque church of St. Donat in Zadar, cities museum Trogir, Korcula and Dubrovnik, Varazdin Baroque buildings, etc.
A real journey into the rich history of Croatia.

Traditions and peculiarities of each region including architecture, crafts and cuisine are a mosaic that reinforces the diversity of Croatia.

Croatia offers a multitude of opportunities for all activities and interests: sailing to hiking, diving hunting, concerts to carnivals, pilgrimages Hydrotherapy ... 

Almost all of the photos on our site have been taken by ourselves or transmitted by the owners of the rentals. Some photos have been lent by and published with the agreement of the Croatian National Tourist Office , within the framework of the promotion of tourism in Croatia.

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